Deborah Paulmann

Certified Permanent Makeup Artist

Consultation, expectations and post care instructions:
Eyebrows $500


This procedure takes between one and a half to two hours. First, I will take a before picture. These are for my records and insurance. We will then discuss expectations, color, shape, and your lifestyle. I clean the area and apply the first topical anesthetic, which is a Lidocaine product. About 20 minutes later, I remove the topical and draw on the shape that I will be proposing to you. At this point I will be asking for your input on this shape. Keep in mind that they look heavy and dark when drawn on. I will then begin to implant the color. I use single use needles and handles. After marking the shape I then give you more topical anesthetic. You will be quite numb after the second application. I finish creating your eyebrows and then you sit up and we look at it again. Small adjustments may be made, I cover the area I worked on with vasoline, we take an “after” picture and book your touch-up appointment. Your brows may feel too dark right now. Not to worry, it is normal as the color is oxidated. Your healed color will take about a week to ten days to be visible. They will lighten up significantly.


For one week, you will be applying Vaseline to your eyebrows with a Q-tip before you wash or shower. This helps keep bacteria out and creates a little band-aid while your skin is healing. Also, during that first week of recovery, you should avoid sun exposure as much as possible. If you cannot avoid the sun, then apply a little extra Vaseline to help further protect the healing area. Do not rub or scratch the area. You will likely see flaking of the pigment–this is normal! Avoid any exfoliating products or treatments to the brow area, including RetinA or other acids. The sun is the biggest factor of fading with permanent makeup.Keep in mind that if this is a color correction, the color may heal too light and you will definitely need touch-ups before the color will be completely corrected.

There is no charge for first time touch-ups, additional touch-ups are *$150.

Please call me directly if you have any concerns!

*Prices subject to change.