Certified Permanent Makeup Artist

Consultation, expectations, and post care instructions
Eyeliner $500.00 (both upper and lower) $250 (one liner)


This procedure takes between one and a half to two hours. First I will take a before picture. These are for my records and insurance.
We will then discuss expectations, color, shape, and your lifestyle. You will remove contact lenses if you wear them. I will then apply a topical anesthetic that is specially made for the eye. You will be numb in about 20 minutes. I then remove the topical. I begin implanting the color with a sterile one-time use needle and handle. If you have any pain, I give you a second application of the anesthetic. After I complete the implantation, I clean the area and apply the sterile vaseline, and rinse the eye.
You now have a beautiful eyeliner that doesn’t smudge and always looks perfect.


Try not to touch or disturb the area. The pigment needs to settle and heal into the skin. An ice gel pack applied on the day of the procedure is a good idea to reduce swelling and close the pores. If you find bits of pigment or the vaseline in the corner of the eyes, remove it with a Q-tip. You will be applying a thin coat of vaseline before you wash or shower. This will protect the work and keep the bacteria out. You will need to do this for one week. PLEASE DON’T USE NEOSPORIN FOR ANY REASON. If you feel the need for an antibiotic ointment, use POLYSPORIN. You will also need to avoid using mascara for one week. You should buy a new tube of mascara, as mascara can be full of bacteria, and it’s hard to remove without rubbing the area that you shouldn’t be rubbing. Rinsing the eye with eye wash is a good idea. Do this before going to bed and in the morning and any other time you feel the need. Please call me if your eye is red or itchy. You could have come in contact with conjunctivitis bacteria. This is easily treated with eye drops from the doctor, but it shouldn’t be ignored. You can use ice to reduce swelling and inflammation. Please do not use Advil or Aspirin for a few days before the procedure, afterwards is fine. You may lose some of the pigment after this week of healing. This is typical and to be expected. Not to worry, we will have a touch-up, and I will also make it wider or darker if desired. There is no fee for the first time touch-ups.

Additional touch-ups are *$150 per area.

Please do not hesitate to call me with any concerns or questions!

*Prices subject to change