Certified Permanent Makeup Artist

Post Care for the Lip Procedure

Lipliner $550 Full Lip Color $600

This procedure takes about one and a half hours. I will draw on the outer shape of the lips for you to approve immediately. Immediately after the procedure the color will be darker due to oxidation, they will remain this way until it peels/flakes off, usually the third day after the procedure. Immediately after, you may have a burning sensation which may last for 20 minutes. For the next couple of days, they will feel tight when you laugh or smile. You absolutely need to continue applying Vaseline or Aquaphor. Keep some with you at all times. Also, be sure to re-apply before washing or showering. Gently wash your face avoiding the lip area. Also, be careful when brushing your teeth or wiping your mouth. Avoid exfoliating products. Be sure to re-apply afterwards and continually! Additional touch-up fees vary.

Stay out of sun and wind if you can. Definitely avoid tanning beds or sun bathing for a week. If you have swelling (and most people do) or pain you could apply the Vaseline and then gel ice pack or bag of frozen peas. Generally my clients do not have much swelling and very little pain after the procedure.

On the third day after you will have some peeling, do not pull off the peeling skin, just apply more Vaseline. After the peeling, you may feel that you have no color. This is because the lip tissue is healing and the collagen and fibroblasts are hiding the color. As the lip heals and thins you will begin to see the color again. THIS MAY TAKE ONE TO TWO WEEKS, so do not be alarmed. If at this point you feel the color is too light we will darken it or make it more vibrant. Since the lips are not skin but are vermillion, the color is tricky, and I have to be very careful not to make them too dark, the lip tissue has a lot of blue undertones. I generally make the pigment more peach in color than you may want because of this blue undertone. My personal feeling about permanent makeup is to err on the side of too light rather than too dark. It’s much easier to darken something than to lighten something. I also don’t want you to feel scared by being too dramatic on the first procedure. I have a lot more information about your particular color after I see the healed color.

I am putting the color in as best as I can; now it’s up to your skin to heal it in. This is of course, the variable, everyone is different. After you have healed, there will inevitably be areas that did not take color. Have no fear. I will give you a touch-up that should take care of it. Keep in mind if this is a color correction you will need more touch-ups.

*Prices subject to change.