Erin E. (Eyebrows and Full Lips)

Deborah Paulmann is THE BEST!!I am thrilled with the beautiful job she did on my eyebrows and lips!Deborah is very professional and caring. She explains each proceedure in detail and listens to your concerns as well as what results you are going for. In addition to being a talented artist,Deborah is an excellent colorist.Her working environment in clean, comfortable and very relaxing. Deborah also makes every effort to make each procedure as relatively painless as  possible.I love seeing people I haven't seen in a while. They say, "You look great!" and I can tell  they can't quite figure out what is different. My results are so natural looking. I absolutely recommend the talented Deborah Paulmann!Thank you Deborah!

Erin E. (Eyebrows and Full Lips)

Roseann K  (Eyebrows and Lower Eyeliner)

"Deborah did my brows and eyeliner and I couldn't be happier with the results. Deborah made it a pleasant and painless experience. She takes her time and makes sure you are happy with the shape and color. I've had many compliments from both men and women and I would highly recommend Deborah to friends and family. Deborah is very sweet, lovely lady and she really knows her stuff."

Roseann K (Eyebrows and Lower Eyeliner)

Pam M. (Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Full Lips)

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“Deborah Paulmann changed my life for the better in so many ways. I am so happy I came to her for my permanent make-up. We live in a society where first impressions are lasting impressions, and people judge who you are initially by your appearance. My eyebrows were non-existent, my eyes and lips were nearly invisible and undefined because I developed an allergy to makeup. In my natural state, I looked tired, drawn, and sad. I was embarrassed to be seen in public.
Since Deborah Paulmann applied her magic touch on my eyebrows, eyes, and lips my life changed for the better literally overnight. People who knew the “old me” tell me how beautiful I look and how I just “glow”. I notice when I go out in public, people treat me kinder than I used to experience. Men open doors for me now, and recently when I was out shopping, I was asked out for a date!
For the first time in decades, I am happy with my appearance. Thanks to Deborah’s professional, compassionate, and masterful talent in permanent makeup, she truly changed my life for the better. I decided the best way to thank Deborah for the precious gift she gave to me is to tell everyone I come into contact with about Deborah Paulmann. I will continue to spread the word about Deborah Paulmann to everyone. Thank you Deb. I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you have done for me. My only wish is that others can experience what I have because we all deserve to feel wonderful in our own skin, thanks to you. I am truly grateful.“

Pam M. (Eyebrows, Eyeliner, Full Lips)

Allie O. (Wedding makeup)

I was lucky enough to get Deb recommended to me by a close relative. Getting married, one of the most important things to me was how I looked on that day (barely eating for almost a year) and, of course, the pictures. But wanting to be sure I scheduled "a trial" run through, but do to unforeseen scheduling conflicts I was never able to make it. I was concerned but decided just to trust the recommendation.

Deb was amazing. She drove down to Orange County to my hotel suite with all her supplies in tow. She was prompt, which was crucial that day. She focused on me, discussed the look I wanted to achieve, color options, etc. I cannot even express how happy I was with the results. The look on my grooms face when he first saw me is one I will never forget. My wedding photos are better than I imagined. This day was one made more memorable because of her.

Thank you, Deb!!!

Allie O. Irvine,CA

Lisa S. (Hair stylist)

I have been in the hair design industry for Over 30 years. My client list includes several motion picture and television Celebrities, professional athletes, Olympians, as well as their friends and family members. I have had my work shown in print ads in just about every U.S. Wedding, Fashion and women's publication...working along side some of Southern California's most renowned and well-respected photographers and makeup artists. My work extends to weddings at the various exclusive resorts; The Montage, The Ritz Carlton, Pelican Hill and The Four Seasons to name a few. In that capacity I have had the pleasure of working with many top wedding coordinators and makeup artists as well.

Recently though I had the privilege of working with Deborah Paulmann on two Separate wedding events. I cannot even describe how much she has impressed me. Many makeup artists don't always grasp The importance of makeup for the camera. In all the situations I've described above the photographs or the Screen are the lasting image. There is a definite art to understanding that and applying it. A true makeup artist understands the camera, light, the age, coloring and skin type of the client. While taking in account the clients wishes and desires and the best way to approach each individual face to get the best results . Deb unquestionably has this gift. Not only does she possess the talent of understanding makeup application for the camera she does it while still making the subject beautiful to look at in the flesh as well. In my career I have seen Many less talented and experienced artists go too far for the cameras sake. Making the client look more like their makeup has been done by a mortician, over emphasizing everything for fear of Looking washed out in photographs and on camera. Deb is a true professional with the exceptional ability to do both beautifully, enhancing her clients good features and masking flaws.

If all that was not enough, she is an absolute pleasure to work with. Kind, honest, humble and sincerely interested. It's amazing In this highly competitive business to find someone with all her Talent and no ego, no drama, and no excuses. I would happily work along side her any time. What a sincere honor and pleasure it has been. I highly recommend her, you will not be disappointed.

Lisa's testimonial

Jeanna D. (Traditional Makeup and Makeup lesson)

“As a makeup artist and educator Deborah Paulmann is extraordinarily talented and generous offering not only expertise in her makeup but also uses her talents philanthropically to others. I highly recommend her as an artist and a mentor.”

Jeanna D. (Traditional Makeup and Makeup lesson1)

Molly M. (Wedding Makeup)

Last year just before I turned 17 my older sister announced her wedding as asked me to be a bridesmaid. My Mom hired Mrs. Paulmann (Deb) to do our makeup. I didn't want to at first, asking my Mom if I could just make an appointment at MAC and go there. But with all the chaos of the wedding that seemed to just make things harder so I agreed. I just didn't think someone doing my Mom's and grown-up sisters makeup would do mine how I wanted. I was wrong. The pictures were awesome. I wished I didn't have to take it off at the end of the day. I am asking my Mom if I can get my makeup done with Mrs. Paulmann for my senior pictures and senior prom.

Molly M.

Kelly L. (Permanent Makeup Eyebrows, Wedding Makeup)

A very long time ago as a teenager I forever ruined by eyebrows by trying to shape them by shaving them in order to avoid the painful plucking or waxing process. a little over 10 years ago before my wedding I decided to get them shaped and "fixed" with permanent makeup. I went to a reputable recommended licensed person. The results were terrible and I cried for two weeks. My husband hated it, he was supportive but I no longer looked like me. Women don't realize I think how much something as small as eyebrows impact your whole face and our best feature...our eyes. Since then I have been to several different people, never satisfied. Not until I found Deb. She completely fixed my brows. Shaped and colored them properly for the first time. Drawing individual hairs for a natural non template painted on look. No one can tell they are not "real'. That is an art. My only regret is that I did not find her 10 years earlier!

So happy with her, I asked her to do the makeup for my oldest daughters wedding last December. For my daughter it was her special day with those pictures that remain a constant for the rest of our lives. She looked absolutely beautiful and the pictures came out fantastic. As for the mother of the bride, my makeup has never looked better. All night long I received compliment after compliment. For me though, its not about compliments rather than about feeling good about myself. I was nervous that day, and knowing that I looked my best and my daughter would be proud of her mom was most important. Deb and her expertise help provide that, and for that I am sincerely grateful.

Finally just a couple weeks ago I attended another family wedding. This time not as mother of the bride I was looking for a more "sexy" look. Stepping out of my comfort zone a little. Deb again did not disappoint. Several people I had not seen in years did not even think it was me at first. My husband was proud and happy to have me on his arm, telling me how blessed he felt to have such a beautiful wife. I am not beautiful..but all that matters is that he thought so. On a side note: we were married on the Bellagio balcony overlooking the lake and fountains. We spared no expense, I used the hotels professional makeup artist. I was not happy with the results. In pictures it even looked a bit overdone. In person it was way too much. On a time line...I did not have time to even re-do it myself. But my husband never said a word...not until I told him I was getting my makeup done for the two recent weddings. On both occasions he said, " Your not using the same person at our wedding are you.?"

That speaks volumes..men don't notice specifics like that and certainly not 10 years later. Deb is amazing.... Hire her, believe me she would be doing you the favor...not the other way around.

Kelly's testimonial

Barbara: (Eyebrows,Eyeliner & Lips)

“I feel so pretty!! Last year I put all my fears and apprehensions about Permanent Makeup aside–and went for it all! As a result, words fail me (and I have a lot of them). I‘m struck speechless! I put myself in Deb‘s proficient, artful hands totally…I knew of her kindness, and seen her work as an artist of makeup and trusted her expertise to do the “job”!! I lie down a “frog” and wake up a princess, no a Queen! I had all the full procedures and it‘s dazzling!! Permanent Makeup has changed my life. I‘m old–and was starting to feel that way, especially when I looked in the mirror and saw my Mother! Now, first thing I run to the mirror to see Barbara! I feel pretty and look it! This has enhanced my self-confidence and the inner enjoyment is excitingly fulfilling. So, that‘s my story, a most definitely continuing one, as I will never go without seeing a Barbara! And feeling pretty. Thank you Deb. For seeing the vision of me…and making it happen.”

Barbara: (Eyebrows,Eyeliner & Lips)

Carol: (Eyebrows, Eyeliner)

“I have had several sessions with Deb, she is very professional. She has a great touch, and an amazing education in Makeup. I wanted to go heavier with my brows and my eyeliner, and trusted Deb‘s advice not to. Enhancing my face, and it all looks for very natural. A great experience! Thanks Deb!!”

Carol: (Eyebrows, Eyeliner)