PERMANENT MAKEUP - Micropigmentation

Permanent Makeup Los Angeles / Sherman Oaks

Permanent Makeup is a non surgical micro procedure known as “Micropigmentation.” I use organic pigment, no iron oxides are used in tattooing, as they are safer and more beneficial for use in implantation. TATTOO (IRON OXIDES) should never be used on the face–INEVITABLY they will change color and are very difficult to remove, alter or correct. Color is custom created during consultation and then skillfully implanted with a hand-held disposable needle, not a machine, into the dermal layer of the skin to simulate natural or well-defined makeup. It is a “selective” art form of traditional tattooing, and for some it is not “permanent” as many variables determine the life of the Permanent Makeup, such as environmental factors like sun exposure; or personal skincare such as use of cosmeceuticals and acids. For most people it would last 3-5 years, longer for some and shorter for others. The initial procedure requires a “touch up” about four weeks later, this allows us to see how well the skin “held” the color and if any adjustments need be made; the color will fade and in about 2 weeks and then at 4 weeks we will have the clear result, at which time we do our touch-up. Call us to get your quote for permanent makeup in Los Angeles.

Preference Over Tattooing

Is that Permanent Makeup can be altered in shape or size and color, Permanent Makeup won’t change in color after a few years where typical tattooing with iron oxides will. It is safer, much less invasive (a hand held method, no machines for better sanitation), topical numbing avoids much and often less if any swelling (depending on the area done).

A professional celebrity makeup artist for television, film and print with more than 20 years of experience, Deborah Paulmann now offers PERMANENT MAKEUP in her repertoire of makeup services. Having earned her Certification through THE AMERICAN ACADEMY OF MICROPIGMENTATION, she is doubly certified having studied over a year with expert instructor KARMA VIEIRA. She now brings her creative expertise to the art of Permanent Makeup. Her journey into micro pigmentation is an extension of her work with burn survivors also having been certified with THE PHOENIX SOCIETY OF BURN SURVIVORS.

A minimally invasive technique called “the hand method” is used for implantation of organic pigment for eyeliner, eyebrows, lips, skin matching and correction; allowing for gentle and comfortable procedures with the use of topical anesthetics. These services go beyond typical beauty makeup as the advantages of Permanent Makeup far surpass beauty enhancement and have unlimited possibilities for so many men and women.

With her excellent tradtional makeup experience, Deborah can help design or re-design the perfect enhancements for anyone.

From those wanting to save time by waking up with makeup, and ranging from pre and post cancer patients, Parkinson’s patients, the visually and/or physically impaired, scalp enhancement or alopecia sufferers. Also, those who don’t feel capable of their own makeup skills, or have less than perfect brows or lips and suffer with makeup allergies or sensitivities to cosmetics.

PRICES (determined by the service desired, or per hour in certain procedures)
Touch ups recommended 1-2 years, reasonably priced.


Permanent Makeup Los Angeles